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  The DOMES Numbering System

Domes number request

For a new station, a DOMES number request should be directed to the IERS TRF section
Mail : e-mail
by filling in a DOMES INFORMATION FORM (DIF) available HERE or by filling in and submitting it automatically HERE from the web site.

The DOMES numbers are assigned by the IERS ITRS Product Center, hosted by the Geodesy Research Laboratory (LAREG), IGN France. Neighboring points are clustered into a site. The current rule is that all points which could be linked by a co-location survey (up to 30 km) should be included into a single site of the IERS network having a single DOMES site number.


    IGN: Institut Geographique National, Paris
    MERIT: Monitoring of Earth Rotation and Intercomparison of Techniques (Observation campaign)
    IERS: International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service
    ITRF: International Terrestrial Reference Frame
    VLBI: Very Long Baseline Interferometry
    SLR: Satellite Laser Ranging
    GPS: Global Positioning System
    DORIS: Doppler Orbitography and Radiopositioning Integrated by Satellite (Two-way radiopositioning system)
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