Local ties

Last update: 2022-06-20

Local survey metadata form

In the scope of the activity of the IAG working group WG 1.2.1 Methodology for surveying geodetic instrument reference points (joint with IERS), co-location site survey and survey product metadata are being collected. Please fill the following form when sending any new survey SINEX file to the ITRF product center. Note that filled information is planned to be available online to the users of the survey SINEX files.

Co-location survey: online reports

Other reports and products

Local ties used in ITRF combination

  • ITRF2020
  • ITRF2014
  • ITRF2008
  • ITRF2005

    Empirical variance factor for each one of the individual local tie solutions (SINEX files) is estimated following the procedure described in Altamimi et al. (2002)

    A list of local tie vectors, together with their uncertainties as extracted from the re-scaled SINEX files, is also available here

    In addition, all the post-fit residuals of the ITRF2005 combination are listed here.

  • ITRF2000